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Chancellor’s Aides Reflect on Unique NC State Experience

The 2019-2020 Chancellor's Aides take a group photo on a staircase.
The 2019-2020 Chancellor's Aides.

Contagious enthusiasm, eagerness to help and a sharp red jacket are the hallmarks of a Chancellor’s Aide at NC State. These exceptional juniors and seniors represent NC State at football games, university dinners and other special events. With a front row seat to the university’s inner workings, the Chancellor’s Aides build relationships with leaders — acting as leaders themselves.

We asked graduating aides about what made their time at NC State special as they wrap up their duties and degrees.

What do you love about NC State?

Eshaan Bhosle, Business Administration
I came to NC State as an international student from Singapore and India. But after four years at this beautiful institution, I do not feel like an international student because the NC State campus became my new home and the Wolfpack became my new family. This would not have been possible without the accepting and open nature of the Pack, and that’s what I love about NC State. 

Payton Jackson, Accounting
I love NC State’s family feel. Whether it’s prospective students, current students, alumni, recruits or faculty and staff, everyone who comes to our campus comes away with the same impression: ‘NC State welcomed me with open arms.’

Kevin Hogan, Psychology
I love the community. I was extremely scared coming into my first year that such a large campus would be a problem, but I was able to make a community in the Wolfpack that will outlast my time as an undergraduate student! I truly found a family here. 

What is your favorite place on campus?

Malasia McClendon, Political Science
My favorite place on campus is probably Hunt Library. I enjoy all of the natural lighting.  

Robyn Sawyers, Nutrition Science
My favorite spot on campus is Schaub Hall. As a nutrition science major, I spent a lot of time in these halls. There were definitely really fun and enjoyable times and some not-as-fun times, but you could be assured there was always ice cream or leftover food waiting for you!

Payton Jackson
My favorite place on campus is the Court of North Carolina. It is always bustling, and there are beautiful views of architecture all around.  

The NC State campus became my new home, and the Wolfpack became my new family.

What was the biggest challenge you overcame to finish your education?

Eshaan Bhosle
For me, the biggest challenge was managing my time — academics, clubs, being a part of a fraternity, enjoying college life, adjusting to being in a new country, nurturing relationships with people and, most importantly, working and growing myself. 

Robyn Sawyers
I faced many challenges during my undergraduate career, including the deaths of some loved ones and personal struggles. However, each time I was having a difficult day or week, whether it be mentally, physically or otherwise, I was met with compassion and empathy from my teachers, advisors and peers that helped me make it through. 

Kevin Hogan
Figuring out who I am was the biggest challenge that I overcame. College is a pivotal time in someone’s life, and I found a supportive community where I could be who I am.

How has being a Chancellor’s Aide shaped your NC State experience?

Ethan Laney, Political Science
As a Chancellor’s Aide, I made lots of new friends and felt like I had another group on campus. I also got to see all the work that goes into University Development, and of course, working with Randy is the best! 

Some of the Chancellor’s Aides with Chancellor Randy Woodson during the holiday season.

Payton Jackson
Being a Chancellor’s Aide has shaped my experience by allowing me to interact with the most important and influential people not only at NC State but also in the Raleigh community as a whole. I have also seen the most philanthropic people at NC State, and it has been rewarding for me to be able to socialize with people who I aspire to become. 

Malasia McClendon
Being a Chancellor’s Aide definitely helped me in feeling like I had a community at NC State. Having the opportunity to be a part of all of the different events and interact with everyone was truly meaningful and has given me lots of good memories. 

What advice you would give yourself on your first day at NC State?

Eshaan Bhosle
Time is money; do not take any time for granted. You can make more money, but you cannot make more time. 

Payton Jackson
One thing that I have learned is that it is important to make good grades, but it is more important for students to get involved early in as many clubs, organizations and other extracurriculars as they can handle. My best experiences at NC State have come from outside the classroom and making the connections and building my network as big as possible while on campus. 

Kevin Hogan
I wish I’d known that it was all going to work out. I think I knew that in theory, but I often found myself stressing about the future. Looking back, I realized that all of the experiences I had are the reason I am where I am, and who I am, today. They all helped me to be successful, and they have prepared me to be a professional. 

I realized that all of the experiences I had are the reason I am where I am, and who I am, today.

What are your next steps?

Ethan Laney
I’m applying to government and public policy jobs and political science, public administration and public policy graduate programs.

Kevin Hogan
My next steps are to work as a college advisor with the NC State College Advising Corps for two years and to pursue a master’s in college counseling. Ultimately, I hope to work with collegiate students in leadership development.

Malasia McClendon
Following graduation I will be working as a fellow with the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation for two years, and then I will likely continue my education.