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Thank You, ROTC Graduates

Student Body President Emma Carter recognizes the work and service of graduates from NC State's three Reserve Officer Training Corps programs.

Members of the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy ROTC units at the Belltower
Members of the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy ROTC units ran the 2.6-mile course around campus in formation.

Editor’s note: Student Body President Emma Carter wrote this guest column to honor NC State’s 2020 ROTC graduates.

Members of the commissioning class of 2020:

We know that your plans have been shifted slightly. Usually, on May 9, at the commencement held at PNC Arena, you all would have been recognized for your dedication during your academic career at NC State and recognized for your commitment to serving our nation. You would have sat on the first row in PNC Arena and been shown on the screen in recognition of all of the hard work you have put in. Even though we don’t have definite plans for commencement, I want you all to know that your dedication to service is recognized and that we will remember you all when you go on to serve our country. The Memorial Belltower was built to remember those students who went on to fight and gave their lives serving our country in what is now known as World War I. The halls of Reynolds Coliseum hold your offices, classrooms and cadet rooms. Remember the times marching on the Brickyard or early morning physical training around the track or on Miller Field. There is a long history of ROTC cadets graduating from NC State and going on to serve our country.

You have persevered, endured it all and have made it to the day of your commissioning. As NC State alumni, you are joining your classmates, past and present, as forever part of the Wolfpack family. Throughout the past year, you have won awards, endured physical training and exercise, planned events for the NC State community to remember our veterans and first responders. You have thought and done the extraordinary. 

Over your career at NC State, there have been many events that have made you who you are — maybe it was an NC State football game or rushing the Belltower after a big win. Maybe it was staying up late to study in Hill or Hunt libraries, or maybe it was spending time with those you have grown close to in your ROTC programs. As you take this next step in life, remember what you have learned through your programs and stay connected with the friends that became family. The Wolfpack is truly proud of you all, who have signed up to serve our country and lead our nation’s military. 

Congratulations on your commissioning and graduation, and good luck in the future. 

Naval ROTC

Kyle Baker
Robert Carlson
Alexander Hunter
Samuel Krasny
Joshua McAlister
Victor Olson
Sam Perry
Ryan Starr
Emily Stoops
Nicholas Teeter
Lindsey Verrico
Garrett Welsh
Connor Wheatley
Jack Woodworth


Brooke Bielecki
Ashlee Block
Jeffrey Cannon
Maria Codispoti
Ethan Eldridge
Nolan Fischer
Lucas Gardner
Gabriel Horne
Zachary Johnston
Matthew Joyner
Zachary Liptok
Michael McGuire
Anna Perez
Mia Van Holten
Chandler Wynn

Air Force ROTC

Danielle Barth
Charles Blum
Joseph Bowen
Derrik Brown
William Gothard
Patrick Hern 
David Lynch
Austin McBride
Matthew McCulla 
Jacob Naughton
Macgyver Nethercutt
Garrett Scoggins
Ryan Stein
Andrew Vetters
Spencer White