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With the Wolfpack men's and women's basketball teams scoring major 2024 NCAA Championships wins, crowds of fans gathered to celebrate at the Memorial Belltower.
Campus Life

It’s Time to Run With the Pack

From our blossoming campus to our storybook basketball run, there's never been a better time to be here at NC State.

It’s always exciting to be part of the Wolfpack — but there’s a bit of extra shine to being an NC State student this spring.

Our university is rising in national rankings, graduating go-getters by the thousands and still riding high off dual Final Fours for our men’s and women’s basketball teams. Spirits have never been brighter, and we know you want to get in on the fun.

Considering joining us next semester? See why our flourishing campus is calling your name.

We Think and Do

We’re North Carolina’s leading STEM institution and one of the top public universities in the country.

Inside greenhouses or makerspaces, along shorelines and amid rain forests, at design studios and in microgravity labs, our students always back up what they learn with real-world application. Just tell us where you’re headed, and we’ll help you get there.

So, what is life like as an NC State student? Glad you asked. Four upperclassmen recently sat down to answer some of your most-searched questions:

Watch: NC State students answer the web’s biggest questions about life at the university.

We Look Great on Film

Our campus has a unique blend of classic architecture and futuristic structures that you won’t find at any other university in the area. Beauty lies around every corner — that’s probably why everyone’s obsessed with capturing our good side. Go ahead, we’ll pose for you any time.

Check out some recent film snapshots students here developed in the darkroom. (So analog!)

Our Wolfpack Sports Are in the National Spotlight

We’ve spent this semester howling at the moon — and lighting the Belltower red — to celebrate countless successes from our Wolfpack student-athletes.

Our men’s and women’s basketball teams competed in the Final Four of their respective NCAA tournaments, and their shared success drew national buzz.

Of course, that was only after our men’s team made history by clinching their first ACC Tournament Championship since 1987, beating five conference rivals in five straight days.

NC State gymnastics won its eighth conference championship, posting its highest road score in program history. Athletics has now won five ACC titles this academic year, with women’s cross-country, wrestling and men’s swimming and diving also earning top honors in the conference.

The Wolfpack men's basketball team competes against Duke in the 2024 NCAA Championship Elite Eight game.
NC State's women's basketball team makes a triumphant return back to campus after their impressive NCAA Championship run comes to a close.
NC State men's basketball center DJ Burns Jr. celebrates with fans as the departs for the Final Four of the NCAA tournament.
NC State cheerleaders celebrate on the basketball court among a pile on confetti.
Members of NC State's marching band share a BeReal post taken during an NCAA Championship game.
An aerial view shows NC State's men's basketball team at the base of the Belltower, surrounded by cheering fans.
We welcomed our men’s and women’s basketball teams back to campus after their runaway successes with a celebration at the Memorial Belltower, drawing thousands of Wolfpack fans.

We’ve Already Built Your Bucket List

There are endless things to explore at this university. Luckily, we’re here to help guide your journey. We’ve put together a list of 30 essential experiences for NC State students — and you won’t want to miss a thing.

When you land on campus this fall, prepare to embark on new adventures, meet your community and start checking off your own list.

How many of these 30 bucket list items can you complete?

We Have Classes You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Learning shouldn’t be limited to lecture halls. Here, you’ll Think and Do in dynamic spaces that range from futuristic labs to rolling farmland to immersive gaming facilities.

Faculty and students in Biochemistry conduct research side by side in the lab, working to make sense of the structures, mechanisms and chemical processes shared by all living things.
Students play video games on computers inside the new NC State Gaming and Esports Lab in Hunt Library. Photo by Mattison Domke-Latz

Our faculty teach classes as unique and varied as your interests. The list below is just a sample of what you could explore.

  • Taylor Swift: Through the Eras (Pretty sure we’d pass this one with screaming colors.)
  • Art and History of World Puppetry
  • Foundations of Interactive Game Design
  • Fitness Kickboxing
  • The Business of Art and Design
  • Home Horticulture
  • Eating Through American History
  • The Science of Studying Dinosaurs
  • Doing Business Globally
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Health, Wellness and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Stellar and Galactic Astronomy
  • Introduction to Musical Experiences
  • Poultry and People: Why Did the Chicken Cross the World?
  • Service-Learning in Urban Agriculture Systems

We Share Life at NC State

Just like a towering ice cream sandwich from Howling Cow’s creamery, life in the Wolfpack is pretty sweet. If you want to get an insider’s look at our campus day to day, follow along with @NCState on social media.

An animated GIF shows four Howling Cow ice cream sandwiches stacked on top of one another.

We feature student stories and treasured moments all year long. Hopefully, we’ll be sharing yours soon.

Find Your Pack Persona

You’ve gotten the lay of the land — now it’s time to discover your place in the Pack. Our experts have developed a rigorous, scientific (and partially ice-cream-based) method for determining the NC State archetype that fits you best.

Take the quiz below to find your Pack persona.


Which Hallowed Place would you head to first?

Students walk through a beloved campus greenspace, the Court of North Carolina.
A flurry of students pass through the busy Free Expression Tunnel between classes.
The main atrium inside Reynolds Coliseum.
Lake Raleigh, blue sky and clouds reflecting on lake, boat ramp on left, tree overhanging lake
A view of Holladay Hall on a sunny day.

Choose the best Howling Cow flavor.

Scoops of lemon-, strawberry- and mint-flavored Howling Cow ice cream.

What NC State tradition are you most pumped for?

Which season is your favorite?

Red fireworks light up the sky above the Belltower as a dazzling end to Packapalooza 2022.

Pick an NC State icon.

Choose the aura that you vibe with the most.

Pick a chair on campus.

A white chair with red lining, shaped like an egg.
A blue couch with two ornamental curves.
Two spinner chairs, one dark green and one orange.
A green couch that makes a complete circle.
A bulbous yellow chair with space for a seat in the center.

What's Your Pack Persona?
Guardian of the Caring Community

My Pack Persona: Guardian of the Caring Community You are a champion of wellness in all forms, uplifting others while first caring for yourself — for a Guardian’s strength lies in their own well-being.

You are the Guardian of the Caring Community. You're a champion of wellness in all its forms, a staunch defender of your boundaries and a master of restorative practices. You seek out and uplift those in need of connection, bringing people together to form communities of care on campus and beyond. You care for yourself first, for a guardian’s strength comes from preserving their own well-being.

Download your Pack Persona card.
Watcher of The Tree

My Pack Persona: Watcher of The Tree You await nature's highlight reel of each changing season with bated breath, led in all you do by a desire to defend and sustain our planet

You are the Watcher of The Tree. You await nature's highlight reel of each changing season with bated breath — from the red and white blossoms of spring to the blazing transformation of fall's favored ginkgo tree. You're led in all you do by a desire to defend and sustain our planet for generations to come.

Download your Pack Persona card.
Leader of the Pack

My Pack Persona: Leader of the Pack As a benevolent leader, you step up, show up and speak up for the things you believe in — and any Pack is stronger with you in it.

You are the Leader of the Pack. Gazing out across a yard of bricks, everything the light touches is your kingdom. You consistently step up, show up and speak up for the things and the people you believe in. You inspire greatness in others. You are a leader through and through, and any Pack is stronger with you in it.

Download your Pack Persona card.
The Groundbreaker

My Pack Persona: The Groundbreaker Bold new discoveries come easily to you as you toil and tinker in your laboratory to turn dreams into solutions.

You are The Groundbreaker. Bold new discoveries come easily to you, as you toil and tinker in your laboratory. You call upon the mystical powers of Think and Do and put those words into practice as you turn dreams into solutions. Your ideas will change the world.
Download your Pack Persona card.
The School Spirit

My Pack Persona: The School Spirit As the spirit of the Wolfpack, your passion for NC State makes you red and white for life — and afterlife. Go Pack … forever?

You are The School Spirit. Most spirits move through the physical world casting a chill upon mortals. But you are the spirit of the Wolfpack; you pour fervor and passion for NC State into the hearts of everyone you meet. You linger in the hallways of Talley and echo through the rafters of Reynolds Coliseum. You are red and white for life — and afterlife. Go Pack … forever?

Download your Pack Persona card.

Share your Results:

(Want to share your results on social media? You can download your Pack Persona card below.)