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freedm systems center

Oct 3, 2018

New Electric Car Charger Is More Efficient, 10 Times Smaller Than Current Tech

A new electric vehicle fast charger is at least 10 times smaller than existing systems and wastes 60 percent less power during the charging process, without sacrificing the charging time. 

Jul 5, 2017

Study Finds ‘Smart’ Transformers Could Make Reliable Smart Grid a Reality

A new study finds smart solid-state transformers could be used to make a stable, reliable “smart grid” – allowing the power distribution system to route renewable energy from homes and businesses into the power grid. 

Oct 3, 2016

New Cost-Effective Silicon Carbide High Voltage Switch Created

A high-power switch developed by NC State engineers holds promise to be more efficient and more cost effective than existing switches. 

Stylized illustration of a green cityscape powered by smart energy.

Mar 4, 2015

The Internet of Energy

A resurgent America needs a smarter power grid. At the FREEDM Systems Center, NC State researchers are leading the charge to create it — alongside their partners in industry, government and academia. 

Sep 27, 2011

Saving energy, money and lives

NC State’s own Dr. B. Jayant Baliga has been awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation – the nation’s highest honor for technological achievement. 

Jun 14, 2011

White House Summit on Centennial

Government officials toured advanced research projects on Centennial Campus and met with industry leaders on Monday as part of a push to create jobs and strengthen the energy industry. 

Apr 27, 2011

Smart Grid is Top Technology

The smart solid-state transformer being developed by the NSF FREEDM Systems Center at NC State has been named to MIT Technology Review’s 2011 list of the world’s 10 most important emerging technologies. 

Mar 16, 2011

Chakrabortty Receives NSF Career Award

Dr. Aranya Chakrabortty, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, has received a National Science Foundation Career Award to support his research on power grids. 

Dec 10, 2010

Engineering Hall of Fame Inducts Baliga

Dr. B. Jayant Baliga has been inducted into the 2010 class of the Electronic Design Engineering Hall of Fame. 

Jul 20, 2009

Building a Better Battery

Amid corporate restructuring plans, car czars and a waning economy, the struggling automotive industry is tasked with providing more efficient and economical options for car buyers. While foreign markets have been quick to move into hybrid and electric vehicle space, the United States has been slower to adapt. That's where NC State comes in.