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Tag: natural resources

Sep 28, 2009

NC State Expert Gives Fall Foliage Forecast

Despite drought conditions in parts of the state for most of the year, there should be plenty of colorful foliage worth seeing across North Carolina this fall, according to a North Carolina State University expert. Dr. Robert Bardon, associate professor of forestry and extension forestry specialist at NC State, says that in areas of the state… 

Sep 22, 2009

‘Green Clean:’ Researchers Determining Natural Ways To Clean Contaminated Soil

Researchers at NC State are using a process called phytoremediation – literally a “green” technology – that uses plants and trees to remove pollutants from the environment or render them harmless. 

Sep 3, 2009

NC State Receives NSF Grant to Discover Plant “Switchboards”

Lignin is the “glue” that holds trees together. It’s good if you need lumber for construction – bad if you’re trying to make biofuels. Researchers at North Carolina State University will trigger the genetic “on/off switches” in more than 10,000 trees to determine how each of the 33 lignin-producing genes impact the type and amount… 

Jul 14, 2009

$1.1 Million Grant Supports Transatlantic Forest Resource Management Degree

A new grant awarded to North Carolina State University, along with Michigan Technological University (MTU), the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the University of Helsinki (UH), will fund a dual master’s degree program that will encourage European and North American collaboration in forest resource management. The $1.1 million grant is jointly funded by… 

Jun 17, 2009

NC State Faculty Receive Fulbright Scholar Awards

Three North Carolina State University faculty members have been chosen to participate in the Fulbright Scholars Program to teach and study abroad in the 2009-2010 academic year. Each year Fulbright grants are awarded to researchers, teachers and administrators of universities around the world. The grants allow for up to one year of research abroad at… 

Apr 7, 2009

Tiny Super-Plant Can Clean Up Hog Farms and Be Used For Ethanol Production

Researchers at North Carolina State University have found that a tiny aquatic plant can be used to clean up animal waste at industrial hog farms and potentially be part of the answer for the global energy crisis. Their research shows that growing duckweed on hog wastewater can produce five to six times more starch per…