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Log Miles to Win Prizes

Are you looking for a reason to try an alternative commute to campus, or are you already a first-class commuter? With Earth Week in April and Bike to Work Month in May, NC State Transportation is celebrating by challenging faculty, staff and students to use alternative transportation. So step up and take the Commute Challenge this spring.

The Commute Challenge is an opportunity to log your daily commute using Zimride’s Commute Calendar. For each commute you log, the program will track your CO2 emissions and money saved. You’ll earn points depending on your commute travel mode: carpool, transit, walk, bicycle, drive alone (yes, it even counts those days when you drive alone).

The more trips you track, the more points you’ll earn, which will give you more entries into the prize drawing. Prizes include WolfTrails prize packs, water bottles, backpacks, bike helmets and WolfWheels rentals. For those with a competitive spirit, a real-time leaderboard will show who the top commuters are at NC State.

Log-in today and start tracking your commute trips for a chance to win and be the top commuter:

One response on “Log Miles to Win Prizes

  1. Liz says:

    Wow. I could log 85+ miles a day just by working from my home office instead of driving from northern Franklin County to Winslow Hall. Can we make that happen?

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