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Leaving Their Mark

Whether it’s those who provided the chairs we sit in, the classrooms we learn in, or the scholarships that have helped make our education possible, we’re truly fortunate to have the support of people who care about NC State.

This week, the Senior Class Council set out to highlight examples of donated items around campus with big, yellow, “Leave Your Mark” tags. Each tag is on or near an item that was given by someone who wanted to make a difference at our university.

We saw a real need to highlight giving on campus because as students, we may notice a plaque here or there, but often times never realize how much of an impact donors have on our education.

And our volunteers were busy, tagging everything from the sundial in front of Primrose Hall, to ergonomic workstations in the learning commons (Friends of the Library) and the Gregg Museum of Art (which was built entirely with private donations.)

This is a project that truly tugs on our heartstrings. It isn’t a park bench, it’s our campus icon, our identity and our soul. This is an opportunity for bold, meaningful action that will shape the face of NC State for years to come, and every student can be a part of it.

In addition to tagging things on campus, we’re out in the brickyard as part of “Senior Week,” where local businesses are giving free food for seniors and we’re accepting donations toward the class gift. It’s been a great success – we’ve raised more than $1,200 this week alone.

Ultimately we hope to end this semester on humble, appreciative note. We have so many wonderful opportunities and advantages as NC State students, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of this university.

Editor’s Note: Jay Dawkins is NC State’s Senior Class President and a former Student Body President. He will graduate in May 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.