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Bacteria With Bite

Researchers have found a bacterial infection that may contribute to birth defects, and you’ve probably never heard of it (though you may have been exposed to it).

Have you ever been bitten by a flea?  Scratched by a cat?  Then chances are you’ve come into contact with bacteria called Bartonella.  If you’ve never heard of Bartonella, don’t be surprised – most people have immune systems that terminate the invader with extreme prejudice. But for those whose immune response doesn’t eliminate the bacteria, the results can be decades of chronic illness, or worse.

Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt, professor of internal medicine, has almost a decade’s worth of evidence that this bacteria can be a nasty customer indeed. His latest research indicates that Bartonella infections can be transmitted from mother to child, raising the possibility of bacteria-induced birth defects.

Dr. Breitschwerdt talks about his latest findings in the video below: