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On Tour

As the leader of the only university with a presence in all 100 North Carolina counties, NC State chancellor Dr. Randy Woodson – along with his wife, Susan – hit the road this summer to gain a firsthand look at how NC State makes a difference from the mountains to the sea.

From field days and tours of economic partners to exploring sociolinguistics within the Lumbee Indian tribe in Robeson County – not to mention an opportunity to strengthen confidence in the university and its leadership – the benefits of the series of visits surpassed all expectations, Woodson said.

“One of the things that we feel strongly about at NC State is we are an engine for the economy of the state of North Carolina,” he said. “Now that has to do with the students that we produce, but it also has to do with the technology that comes out of our research programs.

“[We] also learned a few things that we can do better, and that’s one of the things – that’s one of the reasons why you leave the office in Holladay Hall, is to get out and interact with constituents, so that you can bring back information to the university,” Woodson said. “So I think we established some new connections.”

Each trip also included social gatherings open to all members of the NC State family – alumni, students, fans and friends alike – informal opportunities for Woodson and his family to meet, greet and get to know the people of NC State. And although summer has come and gone, Woodson looks forward to additional opportunities to connect with members of the university family who work and live beyond the borders of our Raleigh-based campus.

“We can’t stop at seven trips,” he said. “This needs to continue to be a part of my effort to stay connected across the state of North Carolina and, frankly, around the country; we have alumni all over the United States.

“Getting out and reconnecting the university with our constituents is something I’ll continue to do as chancellor.”

Editor’s Note: To view additional footage of the Chancellor’s Tour, visit NC State’s YouTube channel, or follow these links: