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UAB Gets Aggressive in Going Green

Recent Friday Fest activities not only brought national recording artists Lifehouse before a sellout crowd of 6,000 gathered on Lee Field, but also marked the single-largest “green” event ever held on NC State’s campus.

For the second year in a row, Union Activities Board (UAB) leaders were committed to making sustainability a key focus of their event planning. Consequentially, a number of earth-friendly, Friday Fest measures were put into place with great success.

“The Union Activities Board is constantly looking for innovative ways to lessen the environmental impact of their events while at the same time educating attendees on the importance of a sustainable lifestyle,” said David Dean, outreach and communications coordinator for the University Sustainability Office. “They are truly leaders of the Pack.”

A number of recycling and compost containers were scattered throughout Lee Field.

Of the 2.3 tons of waste collected at Friday Fest, 90% was either composted or recycled. In addition, a Blue Green Machine water filtration system dispensed 310 gallons of drinking water for attendees – the equivalent of 3,307 12-oz. bottles that would otherwise have been purchased and/or disposed of at the event.

“UAB commits to sustainability because it sends the right message to students, and promotes a healthier future for not only the environment, but for people,” said Will Lamb, president of the Union Activities Board.