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Up to the Task

NC State Naval ROTC’s freshman class has officially passed the test.

On Saturday, November 20, members  completed the “Wolfpack Challenge” – a six-hour test of their physical fitness ability, general military knowledge, knowledge of the major service components of the Navy and Marine Corps, and most importantly their ability to work as a team toward a common goal.

The group’s day began before the sun had risen, as 39 freshmen gathered at 5:30 AM outside of Reynolds Coliseum for an initial round of stretching and calisthenics (in chilly 38 degree temperatures). Their schedule ultimately took them to locations across North, Central, and Centennial campuses, with a final “silent” team challenge held at the foot of the Memorial Bell Tower.

To specifically emphasize the teamwork aspect of the event, members of the class were individually challenged in unique ways throughout the morning and were often required to rely on the help of their classmates to be able to complete certain tasks or objectives– drills similar to those undertaken by Navy SEALs, the running of the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test, and the collective running of more than six miles throughout the morning.

The entire event, planned and executed by members of the Naval ROTC sophomore class, is designed as a final assessment of the freshmen class’ resolve to become full members of the NC State Battalion – an endeavor on which they first embarked August 7 during their week-long indoctrination, held in Virginia Beach, VA.

Having clearly demonstrated their followership ability, the 39-member class of Midshipmen will now begin preparing for the more difficult challenge of leadership during their remaining years with the Wolfpack as they strive toward the ultimate goal of commissioning as officers in the Navy or Marine Corps.