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We’ve Got Wheels

Tired of filling up with $3-a-gallon gas? Looking for a greener alternative to commuting solo? Yearning to feel the wind in your hair while you burn some calories? Good news: NC State has new two- and four-wheel options on campus.

Here’s how they roll.

Ticket to Zimride

Sharing a ride to work is a fast way to cut expenses — if you can find the right carpool buddy. That’s the idea behind Zimride, an online carpooling service that uses social networking tools to match riders and drivers. You can make a carpool connection for the daily commute, an upcoming road trip or a special event.

Zimride is free to NC State faculty, staff and students. To use the service, log in using your unity id and password. You can even link up to your Facebook account to find more potential ride connections.

Reroute with Zipcar

Rising gas prices have accelerated the interest in carpooling and public transit. But one of the main barriers is the fear of being stranded if there’s an emergency at home during the day. That’s where NC State’s new Zipcar program, launched last week on the Brickyard, could come in handy.

Faculty, staff and students who are paid members can rent Prius hybrids and Scion XB crossovers for personal use at an hourly rate. Two cars are parked in the Dan Allen carriageway near the Cates/Dan Allen intersection and two are parked on Dunn Avenue in front of the Coliseum parking deck. The $8-per-hour member rate includes gas, insurance and roadside assistance.

Join before March 1 and you’ll receive $45 in free driving credits to use in your first month. The promotional code for the discount is backtoschool2011.

Graduate to a Two-Wheeler

The WolfWheels program offers bicycles for rent by the day, week or semester.

Soon, the spring days will make it more appealing to ride a bike across campus. Harness the power of you through the WolfWheels bicycle rental program.

Faculty, staff and students with a valid campus ID can rent a bike by the day, week or semester through Campus Recreation. The package deal includes a helmet, lock and maintenance.

Take a Ride on the Wolfline

The wheels on the Wolfline buses are still going round and round. And there’s a new feature to keep you from missing the bus. You can view estimated arrival times through the TransLoc site, which tracks buses in real time. If you see that the bus to Carmichael Gym is expected in 11 minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to grab your workout gear and head to the bus stop.

Sign up for Parking Perks

Transportation offers commuter parking benefits for those who choose to walk or bike to work, use public transit, carpool or vanpool. All you have to do is fill out a WolfTrails application. As a participant, you’ll receive free daily parking permits on days when you’re unable to follow your normal green routine and for special occasions when you aren’t able to ride with your usual carpool or vanpool partners.

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