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CAM Raleigh: Center of Art + Design + Education

CAM, or Contemporary Art Museum, is a new kind of museum experience nestled in the heart of Raleigh’s energy vital warehouse district. CAM has partnered with NC State’s College of Design to create an ever changing space that acts as a testing ground for emerging artists to not only define the state of art today, but to grow into the masters of tomorrow. CAM is important to the College of Design because of the way it extends the activities of the college out into the community.

The decision to use this existing building with it’s high ceilings, open trusses and gritty feel really fit CAM’s vision to act as an urban cultural center that stimulates imaginative thinking and problem solving across boundaries and disciplines in ways that are engaging and enjoyable. CAM will redefine the relationship of museums and communities by presenting exhibitions in novel ways that illustrate the relevance of contemporary art and design to our everyday lives.

By exploring the intersections of art, science, technology and design, CAM will promote the ingenuity that gives business its competitive edge, complementing Research Triangle Park, which fosters innovative entrepreneurship, leadership and technical advances.
People young and old will visit CAM to explore important issues and ideas through the medium of art and design, returning for new experiences and bringing others to share in their journey of discovery.

Because the world is always changing. Shouldn’t the museum experience be always changing too?

CAM Raleigh – College of Design Photo Gallery

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