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Andrew Moore

A pollen cloud floating in the air.

Apr 9, 2024

Seasonal Allergies Are Back, But Don’t Blame All Trees for Your Pollen Problems

Certain trees produce more pollen than others, according to NC State professor Robert Bardon. 

London Thomas holding a red flag.

Feb 8, 2024

NC State Sport Management Student is Super Bowl-Bound

London Thomas will work behind the scenes to ensure that America’s biggest sporting event is memorable for thousands of football fans. 

Christmas tree farm in Avery County just outside Newland.

Dec 1, 2023

3 Benefits of Genetically Improved Christmas Trees

NC State researchers are working to develop “elite” Fraser fir trees that look better, grow faster and retain their needles longer. 

Sunglasses on a beach.

Aug 11, 2023

Extreme Heat is Changing How People Experience the Outdoors

As record-breaking heat waves become more common around the world, many people are changing the timing and location of their outdoor activities. 

Toad in a puddle

Apr 11, 2023

What Amphibians Can Tell Us About Water Quality

NC State researcher Ivana Mali explains how amphibians can help scientists determine the impact of pollution on aquatic environments. 

Fraser fir trees.

Nov 23, 2022

Amid Inflation, NC’s Real Christmas Trees to Cost More This Year

An NC State forestry expert talks about the cost of Christmas trees in North Carolina this year. 

Fall foliage

Sep 9, 2022

Fall Foliage Outlook 2022: When the Leaves Will Change in North Carolina

North Carolinians can expect to see the usual hues of orange, yellow, red and purple on trees as they visit leaf-peeping destinations across the state this year. 

Power lines on a background of sunset in disturbing red tones

Jul 15, 2022

Extreme Heat Is Getting Worse. Is North Carolina’s Power Grid Ready?

North Carolinians are consuming record amounts of electricity as the summers grow longer and hotter. 

The NC State football team takes to the field against Clemson in 2021. Photo by Marc Hall

Jun 27, 2022

Expert: College Athletics Offer Platform for Promoting Sustainable Behavior

Higher education institutions can use their athletic programs to promote sustainable behavior among fans, according to NC State expert Jonathan Casper. 

Scratchboard illustration of increasing airline prices

Jun 13, 2022

How Inflation is Impacting North Carolina’s Tourism Industry

With only half of Americans comfortable with air travel due to the pandemic, North Carolina has an opportunity to capitalize on the heightened travel demand. 

A table display showing a t-shirt with an iridescent hummingbird design - Bio-Inspired Textiles Promote Sustainable Fashion - College of Natural Resources News - NC State University

Apr 25, 2022

Bio-Inspired Textiles Promote Sustainable Fashion

Researchers from the College of Natural Resources and the Wilson College of Textiles are using nanocrystals extracted from wood to produce iridescent clothing. 

A group of NC State students in the Amazon rainforest - From the Andes to the Amazon - College of Natural Resources News - NC State University

Mar 31, 2022

From the Andes to the Amazon

NC State students traveled to South America over spring break to conduct wildlife research and more. 

NC State professor Lokendra Pal holds two samples of sawdust powder in his hands - New Biomaterial Could Save Our Oceans from Plastic Pollution - College of Natural Resources News - NC State University

Mar 21, 2022

New Biomaterial Could Save Our Oceans From Plastic Pollution

NC State researchers have discovered how to convert leftover sawdust powder and agro-residues into a Styrofoam-like packaging material. 

NC State Graduate Student Matt Snider - NC State Student Supports Wildlife Conservation in Africa - College of Natural Resources News - NC State University

Jan 25, 2022

NC State Student Supports Wildlife Conservation in Africa

Matt Snider, a doctoral student, is conducting camera trap studies at Kasanka National Park in Zambia to better understand the effects of habitat loss and to combat poaching. 

The coast of North Carolina's Corolla Beach in the Outer Banks

Oct 27, 2021

Changing Tides: Reimagining Tourism in the Outer Banks

As a tourism boom threatens the economic, social and environmental resources on the Outer Banks, one NC State researcher is working with communities to identify solutions.