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Matt Shipman

Apr 8, 2008

NC State Expert Says China Is Backing Away From Human Rights Claims As Olympics Nears

The People’s Republic of China is “over a barrel” when it comes to human rights, says North Carolina State University professor and China expert Dr. J. Oliver Williams. “Chinese officials told the International Olympic Committee that the best way to improve human rights in China was to bring the Olympics there, but things haven’t gone… 

Apr 7, 2008

Making Peace Possible is Focus for NC State Carnegie Scholars Fellow

The peaceful resolution of religious conflicts is crucial to addressing political and military conflict around the world. North Carolina State University’s Dr. Anna Bigelow has been awarded a $99,500 fellowship by the Carnegie Scholars Program to advance research and discussion of what makes peace possible. Bigelow, an assistant professor of religious studies at NC State, will… 

Apr 2, 2008

Two NC State Students Win Coveted Goldwater Scholarships

North Carolina State University students Lauren Jackson of Wilkesboro, N.C., a junior majoring in materials science and engineering, and Nicole Kroeger of Apex, N.C., a sophomore majoring in mathematics, have won prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships for the 2008-2009 academic year. Jackson and Kroeger are among 321 recipients of the honor selected from a field… 

Apr 1, 2008

NC State Hosts Arab League Diplomat Lecture on Iraq, Israel and the Future of U.S.-Arab Relations

North Carolina State University will host a public lecture on Thursday, April 3, by Ambassador Hesham Youssef, the chief of staff of the Arab League of Nations, on some of today’s hot-button issues in the Middle East – including the war in Iraq and relations between Israel and Palestine. The Arab League is the equivalent… 

Mar 21, 2008

NC State Researcher Gets $1.4 Million Grant to Study Public Understanding of Nanotechnology

In order to help people better understand emerging research on the safety of the tiny substances called nanoparticles, the National Science Foundation has awarded North Carolina State University’s Dr. David Berube a $1.4 million grant to determine how the public absorbs scientific information on the emerging technology and other technical issues. 

Mar 21, 2008

New Study From NC State Finds Causes of Sibling Jealousy

Researchers have finally turned to children themselves to determine what causes sibling jealousy. In a recent study on the issue, North Carolina State University Professor Amy Halberstadt, 919/515-1730 or, asked fifth- and sixth-grade children what makes them jealous of their brothers and sisters. Halberstadt found children were able to pinpoint four key issues that… 

Mar 19, 2008

NC State Expert Finds Fault With Clinton Advisor’s Claim That N.C. Democrats Are Irrelevant In 2008 Election

A recent statement from a senior advisor to Democratic presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton that North Carolina is “virtually irrelevant” to the presidential election this year is “ludicrous on its face,” says North Carolina State University professor Steven Greene. Clinton advisor Harold Ickes said the Old North State would not be in play in the presidential… 

Mar 17, 2008

Genocide and Child Soldiers: NC State Expert Tackles Law Enforcement Agency Tasked with Addressing War Crimes

As allegations of genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan garner increasing public scrutiny, North Carolina State University’s Dr. Michael Struett is publishing a new book that examines the international law enforcement agency tasked with investigating and prosecuting those claims and other alleged crimes against humanity around the world. Struett also examines the United States’…