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Off the Hook: Budget Talk (3.2.11)

Budget cuts are still looming, and Student Government has made a huge effort this year to communicate what’s going on. That being said, our decentralized university structure sometimes makes it difficult to send out broad messages because not everything is applicable to everyone.

To address this, we asked the college Deans to attend college council meetings, and send out email to their students so we can all better understand how the cuts will affect our specific colleges. These emails contain ways for students to provide feedback and ask questions, as well as a breakdown of what’s going on pertaining to our respective colleges.

A collection of these emails from the Deans can be found here. NC State’s Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business, Mr. Charlie Leffler, has also contributed some visuals via PowerPoint that help put the budget situation in perspective.

This collection will stay up-to-date as the remaining Deans send their emails and as more budget-related information comes my way. A central location for students to check on budget stuff – it may not be cool, but it’s definitely important.

GO WOLFPACK – boo budget cuts!