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SBP: May 23 – Goodbye Brickyard Bubble

CT Chair picture
Campus is a little quieter during the summer without all 30,000+ students here, but things are still changing and improving every day. I keep noticing minor construction everywhere, so I’m looking forward to an improved campus in the fall! Activity has also picked up quite a bit since summer school started today (Oh yeah, if you haven’t already done this – subscribe to the NC State Academic Calendar for your google calendar, it’s a great resource!) I plan to use this blog to keep everyone updated throughout the year on things I think will interest the NC State community!

Brickyard Bubble 1
Construction Crews start to take down the Brickyard Bubble

A major event is happening in the Brickyard right now: The Bubble is being taken down! I went by the Brickyard and decided to snap a picture when I saw the progress being made “The Bubble”. Students can relax and be assured that the full Brickyard will be available when they come back in the Fall!

Chandler and Mary Cooper
NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill Student Body Presidents Chandler Thompson and Mary Cooper meet together to advocate for students at the legislature.

I also went downtown last week to advocate for students in light of the proposed budget cuts. I met up with Mary Cooper, Student Body President for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is a good time for us to set the rivalry aside and advocate together for UNC System students and our respective Universities. Follow me on Twitter @goREDandWHITE to stay updated about when we are advocating. We’d also love for students to get involved in the effort, so email if you are interested.

Lastly, NC State is still working hard to help those in our community affected by the recent tornados. Check out Universities United if you want to get involved! Student Government is selling $10 t-shirts with all the proceeds going to help those in need, including those at local Universities. Thanks to Campus Enterprises for their support and for donating the t-shirts.

Spirit – Pride – Tradition – WOLFPACK!

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