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SBP July 28th: Budget questions?

Student Government is working hard to learn and communicate information about the recent budget cuts. This is often hard for a large University such as NC State. The Chancellor’s Message is a great resource for how the University is tackling the situation, and Student Government will continue to work with deans to share updated budget information.

Lindsey Pullum, Co-Director for Government Relations - Student Government

Lindsey Pullum, one of the Directors of Government Relations in Student Government, wanted to pass on this message:

Perhaps you may or may not have heard about the budget that has recently been passed. The North Carolina higher education is facing some tough economic times ahead. NC State will be enduring a 15% budget cut this coming year, but with strong University leadership we have prepared ourselves for this cut.

This is equivocal to a loss of around 80 million dollars from our current budget. Because of our forward thinking and planning, the University was able to minimize the impact of the cuts. Instead of 15 percent, cuts of 7 percent will come down on academics. Class sizes, sections, and variety will be impacted, but the academic core of the University will be protected. The administrative side of the university will face closer to a 10 percent cut. This includes student affairs, services, and other departments on campus.

It sounds drastic and challenging. Let’s not kid ourselves- at times it will be obvious that changes have been made. However, this is still the best education we can get in North Carolina. This is still a place to thrive and grow. These budget cuts are short-term, necessary measures. Our faculty, staff, and students will be affected, but it is our choice and ability to stay positive throughout this coming year. We will continue to work with administrators to do all that we can to protect the academic strength of the institution and the quality of our degree..

Email Lindsey if you are interested in more information or have a question.