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SBP October 2: Observations from Fall Chancellor’s Forum

These are my observations as a student in attendance at the Chancellor’s Forum on Wednesday, September 28th in Witherspoon Cinema.

The facts: NC State lost 15.1 % of appropriated state funding this year. This equals 79.3 million dollars. How does this translate to losses with day-to-day business? NC State lost funding for 753 administrative staff and faculty positions (112 of the positions were filled at the time). This loss of funding means the University has a reduced capacity for services, course sections and class seats. The chancellor gave an example of new large 300+ economics and business classes in the Poole College of Management. Chancellor Woodson stated that NC State would work to be as efficient as possible, so we could survive and prosper in a different environment.

Part of the work to be efficient and successful includes the strategic plan and strategic realignment initiatives.

The Chancellor reviewed new units from NC State’s strategic realignment:
OIED: Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity :
DSSP : Division of Student Services and Programs :
BORST: Business Operations Realignment Steering Team :
ORIED: Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development :

Check out the links if you want to learn more and email me with questions or comments. Lastly, Chancellor Woodson announced a new faculty excellence program at the Fall Forum. Information for this new program can be found on the Provost’s Website or at this link.


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