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NC State’s Other Football Team

An NC State football game doesn’t begin with kickoff or end when the clock expires. It takes the work of dozens — from groundskeepers to police officers to cooks — to create the game-day experience for 60,000-plus Wolfpack friends.

Last season, NC State Athletics opened game week up to writers and photographers from the NC State Alumni Association. Go behind the scenes with the full story from NC State magazine and this time-lapse video:

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  1. Look how much $ the NC State athletic programs and NC State merchandise contributes that fund your academic endeavor.

  2. One more indication of why we shouldn’t have football here; it’s not an academic subject. If 60,000 people want to go to a game, then there’s enough support for an NFL farm team in the area, paid for by the NFL. They make billions, after all. We could sell them the stadium.