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NC State Experts Can Discuss H5N2 Threat

For Immediate Release

As the new H5N2 influenza virus – which can be deadly to poultry flocks – spreads across the U.S., media looking for information on the virus, its effects on poultry and economic implications can contact experts from North Carolina State University.

Donna Carver is an extension veterinarian in the Prestage Department of Poultry Science. She can address the basics of flu, how it affects poultry, and how to protect flocks from contracting the virus. She can be reached at 919/515-5526 or

Barrett Slenning is an associate professor of population health and pathobiology. He can discuss the evolution and spread of the kinds of influenza represented by this new H5N2 strain, as well as general biosecurity issues pertaining to the virus. He can be reached at 919/513-6324 or

Tomislav Vukina is a professor of agricultural and resource economics. He can address the economic effect of widespread H5N2 on the poultry industry. He is at 919/515-5864 or

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  1. The virus is not in North Carolina but may show up during the Fall migration. If your birds become ill they will likely die (all of them). Do not eat the meat from infected birds. Do not eat eggs from infected birds. The birds will stop laying eggs once infected. There is no evidence that this H5N2 can infect humans. If you suspect that your birds have influenza call

  2. Does the H5 N2 virus now widespread in western n.c.? How can we, the consumers protect our chicken meat and the eggs. Does cooking our chicken well done inhibit the virus from affecting us? Should our eggs be hard boiled to mitigate the virus. Does cooking the eggs to well done or the hard boiling of the eggs keep us safe from contacting the virus. Does this again flu virus easily spread to the human pppulation, or does it not affect humans at all?

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