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Significant Changes Coming to Insurance Options

Significant health insurance changes are coming for NC State staff and faculty, following an announcement by the State Health Plan (SHP) Board of Directors that it will eliminate one of the three health coverage options beginning in 2018 and will end immediately some wellness programs.

The Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP), a high-deductible option that offers lower monthly family plan coverage premiums and a health reimbursement account to pay for medical services and equipment, will end on Dec. 31.

During benefits annual enrollment this fall, the 1,304 employees (16 percent of benefit-eligible employees) who currently use that plan will need to choose between the enhanced 80/20 plan or the traditional 70/30 plan that are now available.

The moves were made to reduce the SHP’s overall financial liability in insuring some 700,000 state employees.

What’s Changing for 2017

What’s Changing for 2018

What To Watch

NC State HR Benefits has created a web page detailing the recently approved State Health Plan changes for 2018.

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  1. basically they’re getting rid of the CDHP because state employees are idiots and don’t realize the CDHP plan has the best value. The CDHP is as close to a cadillac plan as NC State employees are going to get, and they’re doing away with it. Ridiculous. I am surprised more state employees aren’t up in arms over this. The 80/20 and 70/30 plans are trash. $800/mo to insure a family? plus ridiculous out of pocket maximum and extremely high individual deductibles on top of the premiums…sounds like the legislature is burning the barn down before the gerrymandered redistricting begins.

    1. I have to agree Chris. I don’t think most state employee’s took the time to understand that plan. It’s a shame they are about to lose it. I’m on it and it has been great for me.

  2. I am covered under united Health Care plan for state retirees. Will I have an opportunity to change plans before 2018?

  3. “The moves were made to reduce the SHP’s overall financial liability in insuring some 700,000 state employees.” Anyone care to actually explain what this means or why it’s happening? An increase in costs, and removal of cost-saving credits and health promotion programs, and there is one sentence to explain why this is happening? Not acceptable.

  4. Very disappointing – in that the Consumer Directed Health Plan has so many features that promoted wellness and prevention. The hypothesis that this will decrease the “financial liability” may be completely wrong – by not emphasizing prevention, it will cost more in disease treatment. Short sited indeed.

  5. So, I guess I can use my “bonus” to pay for the employee-only monthly premium now. That was one of the benefits to working as a State Employee – there wasn’t any monthly premium. Guess they really are trying to get all the good workers to go away.

    1. LOL, bonus!!! Yeah, even though these are cheap premiums compared to what a lot of people pay, for many state employees this = a pay cut.

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