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Today and Tomorrow: Our Changing Climate and How We’ll Respond

Across NC State, researchers are helping us understand, prepare for and mitigate the impacts of a warming planet.

Surf fishermen fish along the waves of Atlantic Beach during the last few minutes of daylight.

Climate change is not a singular event that will take place in the future. It’s a long, gradual shift. And no matter where you live or what you do for a living, it will touch your life in some way, shape or form. But that leaves a dizzying number of questions.

What has changed already? What may change next? Can we influence these things? And how can we prepare for our collective future?

Those are all good questions, and researchers at NC State are looking for answers.

To learn about that work, we reached out to experts from across the university. We wanted to know what they were working on and what they’ve already learned about how climate change will affect everyday folks.

Together, they tackle business-oriented areas, such as energy storage, agriculture and government regulations. But they also speak to things that may affect your recreational hours, such as fishing, beer or mosquitoes.

Our goal is to help people understand how things have changed and may change — but also how relevant research at NC State is preparing us to respond. Because when change is coming, it pays to be ready.

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  1. Why do have to “look” for answers? Do you not already HAVE the answers? Considering the LEFT has been cramming this down our throats for the past 20+ years….what happened to Al Gore’s predicted catastrophes in the movie “an inconvenient truth”? Didn’t he have the answers when he made that movie? The Climate change lie is nothing more than the LEFT trying to take power away from the fossil fuel industry for themselves…the only problem is you cant run a passenger airplane on a battery! Who are the so called experts at NSCU? Brainwashed grad students? LOL I don’t thing logical people will argue that the climate changes…it changes with the seasons after all…but to say that we are causing it…i have yet to see any evidence of that. According to AOC, the world is ending in 12 years…so better find those answers FAST.

  2. Fake news, fake science. There is no evidence that climate change is the disaster global warming alarmists claim. All the dire consequences are just a few (more) years away. There is some evidence that the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is greening the earth. There is plenty of evidence that climate change is alarmist. Just one example is glacier national park. Experts predicted a hundred years ago that due to climate change the glaciers were melting and would be gone in a few decades. They weren’t. The same prediction was made again in 2014. The park service even put up signs that said the glaciers would be gone by 2020. They took the signs down this year. It’s undeniable that the theory behind climate change is bogus science because whatever the evidence is, it’s claimed to be evidence for climate change. Lots of hurricanes, climate change, fewer hurricanes, climate change. Droughts, climate change, floods, climate change. That’s religion, not science.