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Podcast: 1966 – MLK and the KKK in Raleigh

NC State's Audio Abstract
NC State's Audio Abstract
Podcast: 1966 - MLK and the KKK in Raleigh

On July 31, 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke in Reynolds Coliseum. Jason Miller explains why the event has been lost to history until now.

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  1. I attended NC State’s MLK met the KKK in Raleigh July 31, 1966 Program and Exhibit. I am hoping once covid-19 ends NC State will consider repeating this program in future!I think if MLK was alive today he would wonder why Blacks haven’t made more progress in America! I also think MLK would wonder why Federal Government is letting extremists groups thrive in America? Attack on Capitol I think MLK would have strong words about how America is letting extremists groups try an take over America only offering token resistance!

  2. Noticing this speech is currently not referenced the Wikipedia page for Sermons and Speeches of MLK Jr

    Great work on finding this and documenting for future generations.

  3. This is beautiful me being an African American and a employee at NCSU in the dinning area I am deeply moved by the history behind this story it’s amazing and I appreciate that you put this story out here if only everyone could no the history behind this , this made my day!!