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Jun 10, 2009

Jim Woodward Named Interim Chancellor of NC State University

Dr. Jim Woodward has been named of North Carolina State University, bringing years of administrative experience and leadership to the university. Woodward, who started work at NC State June 9, previously served as the chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte from 1989 to 2005. 

Jun 7, 2009

Saving History

In the dark and dusty recesses of Reynolds Coliseum, NC State's athletics history has been waiting for a crew of liberators. Its freedom is close at hand, as managing editor Tim Peeler, Wolfpack football wide receiver Donald Bowens, athletics marketing intern Blake Scher and others have begun to uncover everything from Bill Cowher's long-lost personnel file to 1930's film footage featuring NC State coaching legend Everett Case guiding a squad of high schoolers through the 1937 Indiana state playoffs. 

Jun 3, 2009

A Passion for Education

In May, Todd Klaenhammer was named the recipient of the O. Max Gardner Award, given annually to the UNC system professor who has made the “greatest contribution to the welfare of the human race.” A member of the National Academy of Sciences, the quality of Klaenhammer’s work in the lab is above comparison – rivaled only by the passion he displays in educating students in NC State’s College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. 

Jun 1, 2009

What’s in the Bag?

One NC State student who sampled Stop Hunger Now’s fortified rice-soy meal said it tastes like Ramen Noodles – indeed, a residence-hall staple almost every college student could identify with. Others say it’s more “Rice-a-Roni,” and toss in extra spices, tofu or meat to the dish, to make it even heartier. And, at just 25 cents per serving, the meals-in-a-bag are cheaper, and much more nutritious, than their store-bought counterparts. 

Jun 1, 2009

The Million Meal March

When NC State students return to campus for the fall semester the first thing they’ll do, before unpacking their Frisbees and firing up their PlayStations, will be to help package a million meals for Stop Hunger Now, an international relief organization that provides nutritious pre-packaged meals throughout the developing world. 

May 29, 2009

Calm, Cool and Collected

One of the main reasons NC State sophomore Matt Hill has been so successful this season is his calm, even-keeled demeanor the golf course. Well, even Hill got a little excited Thursday afternoon when his birdie putt on his 53th hole of the 112th-annual NCAA Men’s Golf Championship fell in the cup, all but guaranteeing him NC State’s third individual national championship this spring. 

May 26, 2009

Found in Translation

NC State professor Art Rice has traveled the world spreading the language of design, and he was only arrested once. Rice - one of the founders of the university's Prague Institute - says the field of landscape architecture will continue to grow and evolve as new challenges arise, and strongly encourages his students to make travel a part of their NC State experience and education. 

May 22, 2009

More ‘Star Trek’ than ‘Snuggie’

Alien creatures are the least of NASA's worries when it comes to moon travel. There are several potential threats to future missions - with space radiation at the top of the list. Now, a group of students at North Carolina State University has developed a "blanket" of sorts that covers lunar outposts - the astronauts' living quarters - to provide astronauts protection against radiation while also generating and storing powe 

May 22, 2009

Chasing the Whirlwind

NC State researchers will spend part of their summer finding out what makes tornadoes tick. Dr. Matthew Parker, associate professor of marine, earth and atmospheric sciences, and a team of NC State graduate students will be in Tornado Alley from May 10 to June 13 as part of the VORTEX2 project – the largest and most ambitious effort ever made to understand tornadoes. 

May 8, 2009

Best in the ACC

NC State basketball coach Sidney Lowe, with a nationally recognized recruiting class neatly tucked away for the upcoming school year, received more good news on Wednesday, when the NCAA released its Academic Progress Rate data. The Wolfpack’s basketball squad scored a 995 out of a possible 1,000, which is the highest score among the 12 ACC schools and in the top 10 percent of all NCAA Division I schools. 

May 4, 2009

Forever NC State

On the eve of NC State's spring graduation exercises, we sat down with former North Carolina governor – one of the newest members of the university's "Forever Club" – James B. Hunt ('59) to find out just what NC State means to him, and how being a part of the Wolfpack family has made a difference in his life for the last half century. 

May 3, 2009

Ready for Work

Last fall, the leaves hadn’t even begun to change colors on trees across campus, but Aria Behrouzi already had a job offer in hand from a national, high-profile manufacturing company. The U.S. economy took a nosedive shortly after, and the offer vanished. Hard work, a bit of creative thinking and guidance from a group of NC State career service specialists help get Behrouzi back on track and into an exciting new position, just in time for Saturday's graduation. 

Apr 23, 2009

Growing a Tradition

On any given day, it seems there's something exciting going on at NC State's Brickyard. Earth Day – April 22 – proved to be no different, as the landmark was the site for what student organizers hope will become a weekly series of Farmer's Market events – sales that will bring a variety of North Carolina-grown foods and products to students, faculty and staff members headed through Central Campus. 

John Coggin holding a model of a DNA double helix.

Apr 9, 2009

Thank God for Darwin

Senior John Coggin explores the intersection of faith and science with a custom-built degree program spanning several university colleges and departments. 

Apr 2, 2009

Bringing Business Back to The Big Easy

While New Orleans is on the mend, NC State Jenkins MBA students found there is still plenty of work to do, including helping small business owners restart their operations.