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Off the Hook: Top Professors (3.1.11)

Today is the First Annual Distinguished Professor Lecture Series event.

NC State students nominated more than 250 professors who have impacted their lives, before a Student Government committee narrowed down the nominations to a “Top 3” list and asked those professors to give 40-minute speeches on a topic of their choice.

The chosen professors are:

Again, the professors can speak about absolutely anything they’d like. It’s a great opportunity for students who would not normally have the opportunity to take their classes to hear directly from them for 40 minutes. We are expecting 600+ people, and are inviting all students, faculty members, and administrators to attend.

This is a significant honor for our professors to receive, and one that we hope will become one of the most prestigious opportunities for professors across the state of North Carolina.

The First Annual Distinguished Professor Lecture Series will be held at Stewart Theatre TODAY (3/1), beginning at 6:00pm. Doors will open at 5:30, Don’t miss this event, and spread the word!