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Health Providers Must Join New Pricing Plan by July 1

Providers can avoid being considered out-of-network in 2020 by signing a contract with the State Health Plan. But the deadline is fast approaching.

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The State Health Plan is asking members to check with their health care providers to make sure they join the new Clear Pricing Project. If providers do not sign a contract by July 1, they will be considered out-of-network for State Health Plan members beginning January 1, 2020.

The Clear Pricing Project changes the way providers are paid for services, resulting in lower costs and more transparency. The plan affects members on the 80/20 plan, the 70/30 plan and the high deductible health plan and only includes medical providers in North Carolina.

State Treasurer on Clear Pricing Project

You can find the latest details, videos, FAQs and news on the Clear Pricing Project page. You will find out more about the new network during open enrollment in October.

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