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Our 2024 Graduates’ Stories

Every student's NC State story is unique — and we're here to celebrate all of them. Get to know members of the graduating class of 2024 from as many of our colleges and programs as we could pack into a single page.

Three chancellor's aides walk arm-in-arm away from the Memorial Belltower wearing their graduation gowns.

Nothing is as universal to the NC State experience as donning our favorite shade of red for a celebration — like when we’re cheering on both of our basketball teams in the Final Four or, in this case, graduation. In every corner of our university, students are wrapping up their last semester of classes and preparing to say goodbye-for-now to the campus they’ve called home for the past several years.

Even though cloaked in Wolfpack Red, every student’s experience here is unique. They forge their own paths, combining majors and minors to craft a tailor-made education, building communities both hyper-specific and far-reaching, pursuing their passions for ballet or skydiving or costume design, and even leading tours that introduce future members of the Pack to NC State.

Portrait of Shaun Deardorff in his graduation cap and gown
Shaun Deardorff, aerospace engineering ’24
Portrait of Wizaso Munthali wearing her cap and gown and standing under a large oak tree.
Wizaso Munthali, Ph.D. in forestry and environmental resources ’24
Portrait of Ben Poovey in his graduation gown
Ben Poovey, business administration with a concentration in finance ’24

“If there’s any group of people who can overcome any adversity, any obstacle, it’s our class.”

— Shaun Deardorff, aerospace engineering ’24

Like any good tour guide, we’re here to help you find something to connect to. Through our graduates’ stories, you’ll see what they’ve come to love about NC State — and maybe discover something you could love here, too. Because when one chapter ends, another begins.

Congratulations, class of 2024! We’re so proud of all you Think and Do.

A Campuswide Celebration of Our Graduates


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graduating student-athletes

Portrait of Katherine Brooks wearing her graduation cap and holding a mock diploma in the seats at Stewart Theatre.
Katherine Brooks, architecture ’24 (photo by Rachel Laminack)
Portrait of Abby Scudder at the Belltower, holding her red graduation gown over one shoulder.
Abby Scudder, biology ’24 (photo by Julia Renee Photography)
Portrait of Alaina Peoples at the Belltower wearing her graduation cap and reading an issue of the Technician featuring the men's and women's basketball teams and the headline "Why Not Both?"
Alaina Peoples, animal science ’24 (photo by Kirsten Hannah Photography)
A photo illustration featuring many different images of Brayden Marsh wearing his cap and gown, arranged in different seats and positions around a classroom.
Brayden Marsh, English ’24 (photo by Rory Sullivan)

“Education has been my compass, guiding me through life’s twists and turns … I am so excited to graduate and celebrate our journey, our resilience and the transformative power of education.”

— Kallie Menard, M.Ed. in higher education administration ’24

Seven students pose as a group wearing their graduation hoods.
Emory Sprouse, Nancy Sierra, Sergio Madera-Garcia, Simone Spencer, Danyal Mahmud, Roma Bustillo and Kallie Menard, master of education in higher education administration ’24 (photo by Kelsey Lam)

“Watching the [basketball] teams play so hard and get that far was so inspiring, and I’m full of momentum now. I want to graduate and strive to do great things like that too.”

— Jada Williams, fashion and textile management ’24

Close up of a graduation cap held in a student's hand, decorated with red and white flowers and the words "She came, she saw, she thought and did."
Three students stand on the staircase inside the Belltower wearing graduation gowns.
Close up of a graduation medal that reads "North Carolina State University Traditions Keeper" surrounded by graduation cords and the backdrop of a red graduation gown.