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Erin Zanders

Two employees and a student, wearing matching NC State beanies, pose outside with wolfies up during Pack Appreciation Day.

Oct 17, 2023

You Love NC State. We Have a Week for That.

There's so much to love about NC State. During Red and White Week, Oct. 22-28, we celebrate all of it with events, giveaways and one actual astronaut. We'll show you how to get in on the fun, no matter who — or where — you are. 

Two students laugh together while walking in front of a chalkboard sign that reads "What does NC State mean to you?" with hand written comments below the question.

Sep 6, 2023

Your Year at NC State

Amazing things happen every day at NC State. Many of them, you'll discover for yourself, but check out this list of annual highlights to get you started. Mark your calendars now — you won't want to miss a moment. 

Mr. Wuf howls in Reynolds Coliseum

Mar 15, 2023

6 Ways Anyone Can Win on Day of Giving, Including Free Ways, Whoa

Day of Giving is the best. When else can you tweet about or give to the programs that shaped your life and watch as your tweets or money unlock even more money to change the lives of future students? It's #GivingPack — and giving forward. 

Portrait of Shilpa Giri in front of a wall of Technician covers.

Mar 1, 2023

“You Can Be That Voice”: Meet 3 Student Leaders

Women’s History Month gives us opportunities to learn from the women who came before us and the women in our lives today. Meet three students who are championing inclusivity and speaking up for one another here on campus.  

Natasha Olby works with a dachshund in her lab.

Nov 9, 2022

Better Care for Aging Dogs and Their Aging People

Natasha Olby’s lab in the College of Veterinary Medicine is generating data and insights into the aging process in dogs, and how to improve their health span — not just their life span. Her research also has implications for human geriatric medicine. 

A portrait of Jimmy Wright outside of Talley Student Union

Oct 27, 2022

Jimmy Wright Receives Governor’s Award for Founding First Recovery High School in the Triangle

NC State staff member Jimmy Wright and his wife Leah wanted to help other families struggling with addiction. Now they are running a recovery high school, building bridges to continued education and life free of substance use. 

Students take a selfie with Mr. Wuf outside Talley Student Union.

Oct 18, 2022

6 Ways to Enjoy Red and White Week No Matter Who (or Where) You Are

During Red and White Week, Oct. 30 to Nov. 5, we come together to celebrate everything we love about NC State. Find out how you can join the fun from anywhere.