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Dec 21, 2017

Shining a Light on the ‘Invisible Scholars’

A new book examines the contributions and needs of postdoctoral fellows. 

Nov 2, 2017

What Will North Carolina Be Like in 2050?

Mike Walden gives a preview into his new book, and predicts what the state of North Carolina will be in the year 2050. 

Mar 30, 2017

The Importance of Seeds: a Q&A with Rob Dunn

There is little genetic diversity among the crops that are most important for feeding people around the world. Rob Dunn's new book explores this issue and why it matters. 

Mar 10, 2017

Why Endocrine Disruptors Are Scary – And What You Can Do About It

A new book aims to explain the nature of endocrine disruptors, why they are so widespread, and how you can protect yourself. 

Oct 8, 2015

Poet’s Work Spans 40 Creative Years

Language professor Tom Feeny recently published his second collection of poetry. 

Deanna Dannels on steps of college.

Feb 14, 2013

No Worries for New Teachers

In her new book, Deanna Dannels helps new teachers overcome the communications worries that keep them up at night. Find out what she has to say in "Teaching Out Loud." 

Feb 21, 2012

Education Professor’s Book Recognized

Dr. Brad Mehlenbacher, associate professor of distance learning, won the Best Book in Technical and Scientific Communication award at the 2012 Conference on College Composition and Communication. 

Dec 19, 2011

Book Examines Middle Eastern Christianity

Akram Fouad Khater, professor and director of Middle East studies, has written a new book about the history of Middle Eastern Christianity. 

Dec 13, 2011

Learning with the Lights Off

Devin and Marsha Orgeron, associate professors of film studies, explore the influence of nontheatrical and educational films in a new book. 

Nov 30, 2011

Libraries Pushing Books for Holidays

The NCSU Libraries proudly presents its recommendations for good holiday reads. 

Oct 17, 2011

History Professor’s Book a Winner

An NC State professor’s book earned top honors in Kentucky. 

Aug 24, 2011

Suggest a Book for 2012 Common Reading

Your help is needed to find a thought-provoking book for next year's common reading. 

Aug 15, 2011

Read Smart Gets Book Lovers Talking

Love to talk about the latest books? Join Read Smart, a series of discussions led by NC State faculty. 

Jun 21, 2011

Dunn’s Latest: ‘Wild Life of Our Bodies’

Biologist Rob Dunn's new book, The Wild Life of Our Bodies, tells the stories of our changing relationships with other species, be they worms, bacteria or tigers. 

Jun 2, 2011

Books of Summer

Nothing beats the summer treat of discovering a great book. NCSU Libraries asked 20 colleagues which books are next to the comfy chairs on the screened-in porch.