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Free Verse

The popular uprisings sweeping across the Middle East this spring resonate thousands of miles away on the campus of NC State, where two students prepare for a trip to the troubled region. First generation Americans Mohammad Moussa, whose parents are Lebanese, and Sameer Abdel-Khalek, whose father is Egyptian, will spend two months in Egypt and Tunisia as part of a multimedia project to capture the voices and images of ordinary people living in historic times.

Their team, which includes two nationally recognized poets, will return to Raleigh in August with a collection of original poetry inspired by their journey.

“The type of raw emotion that you can transmit through a poem is very powerful,” Moussa said in an interview last week. “So we’re going to take this movement that’s all about emotion, that’s all about struggle, and use poetry to tell its story. We feel it goes hand in hand.”

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