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Revolutionary Summer

NC State students Mohammad Moussa (far left) and Sameer Abdel-Khalek (far right) joined award-winning poets Kane Smego (second from right) and Will McInerney (second from left) in documenting Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings over the summer.

Two NC State students took advantage of the chance of a lifetime when they traveled to the Middle East over the summer as part of a team documenting the revolutionary movements sweeping the region. The journey included stops in Egypt and Tunisia, where revolts toppled the countries’ dictators earlier this year, to interview some of the ordinary people behind the Arab Spring uprisings.

But what began as a documentary and poetry project soon turned into reporting from a war zone. As tensions mounted between protesters and the military over the future of democracy, it became clear that the revolution was far from over, even in two of the region’s most stable countries.

Hear some of the radio features the students produced for WUNC and learn about their efforts to document a moment in history with their “Poetic Portraits of a Revolution.”  Read more.

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