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Open Enrollment Is Underway

Open enrollment in the State Health Plan for all state employees began on Sept. 30. The enrollment period ends on Oct. 31.

There are some new choices this year, such as the accident coverage plan through NCFlex that pays members directly in the event of specific injuries and events resulting from a covered accident and the new features to both the healthcare flexible savings account (FSA) and the dependent daycare FSA.

But there are also fewer choices when it comes to health insurance now that the State Health Plan has eliminated the Consumer-Directed Health Plan. Also, there is now only one way to reduce monthly premiums, which is to complete the tobacco attestation wellness credit. Anyone who doesn’t complete this credit will pay a $60 per month surcharge in both the 80/20 and 70/30 plans.

Both the primary care physician credit and the health credit have been eliminated by the SHP for 2018.

Monthly employee-only and employee-spouse rates will increase this year, but deductibles and co-pays will remain the same.

All employees who don’t specifically choose the 80/20 plan during open enrollment will be automatically enrolled in the lower-cost 70/30 plan.

More information about changes to both the State Health Plan and new NCFlex options is available through this Benefits and Leave Administration page.

Log into the SHP enrollment page here.

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