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student government

Mar 14, 2012

Ready for Red Fridays?

Wearing red on Friday is a winning idea. While showing your spirit for the Wolfpack men's first-round NCAA game, you could win prizes as part of a new Red Fridays promotion. 

Mar 2, 2012

54 Things, But Only One NC State

The "54 Things To Do At NC State" list gives students a new way to learn about and participate in campus traditions. 

Jan 19, 2012

SBP: Tuition and Fees Brickyard Day

Learn more about an opportunity to talk with Chancellor Woodson, Provost Arden, and student leaders about NC  State tuition and fees 

Nov 14, 2011

SBP Nov 14: Recap on WolfAlert

Student Government suggests all members of the NC State community review the university’s emergency procedures. They can be reviewed at this link: Emergency Information There is now a Wolfalert Facebook and Twitter Account. Like “Wolfalert” on Facebook and follow @WolfAlert on Twitter! Student Government has heard concerns from students over the last few weeks and I… 

Nov 13, 2011

54 Things To Do At NC State

Student Government’s “54 Things To Do at NC State” captures the spirit of NC State. Learn more about the activities that shape the campus culture, from the Krispy Kreme Challenge and football tailgates, to the university arts scene and student volunteer projects. 

Oct 26, 2011

SBP Oct 26: Response to vandalism on campus

(this is another guest post by Student Government member Danielle Laundon) By now, most everyone knows about the vandalism that occurred outside the NC State GLBT center in Harrelson on Monday night. One picture in particular depicting the spray-painted slurs has gone viral, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and the strong emotions felt by those who saw… 

Oct 11, 2011

SBP October 11: Student Perspective on Presidential Visit

This is one student's perspective on the Presidential visit to NC State in September 2011 

Oct 4, 2011

SBP Oct. 4: Study Space Contest 2

Where is this new study space on campus? 

Oct 3, 2011

SBP Oct. 3: Study Space Contest

Do you know where this new study space is located on campus? 

Oct 2, 2011

SBP October 2: Observations from Fall Chancellor’s Forum

These are my observations as a student in attendance at the Chancellor's Forum on Wednesday, September 28th in Witherspoon Cinema.

Sep 10, 2011

SBP September 10th: Campus Updates

Campus updates about Student Government Appropriations, the Study Abroad Fair, and Voter Registration 

Aug 31, 2011

SBP August 31 : Guest tickets

Guest tickets are available for the NC State vs Liberty Game 

Aug 26, 2011

SBP August 25: Google TalkBin

A new way to anonymously contact Student Government! Text 919-883-9039 

Aug 17, 2011

SBP August 17th: Respect the Pack

Student Government and other sponsors host an event to show respect at the Free Expression Tunnel 

Aug 3, 2011

SBP August 3: Calendar “By Students, For Students”

Student Government is working to create a calendar for all students.